A Beautiful Belly

When aspiring kids’ entertainer Jason catches his longtime crush Danny pregnant in their first date, the 2 opt to earn a life together as couple. As the possibility of fatherhood looms, Jason begins to appreciate the toll it usually takes on his livelihood and also turns his attention one final quest for his dreams until the infant arrives. Feeling ignored, Danny begins to wonder if their marriage will survive. Both soon find themselves interested in other folks. Jason matches an intern in a community cable channel that would like to build up a kids’ show utilizing his talents, also Danny matches a maternity photographer who moves out of the way to boost her or her confidence. As those brand new friendships start to hint at the prospect of love affair, Jason and Danny must decide if or not they could hazard the future in these family to your indulgence of an instant’s pleasure.

Duration: 94 min


IMDb: 6.3