A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise

Sammy along with Ray, leatherback turtles along with friends indefinitely, are appreciating an atoll’s sand and water, shepherding fresh hatchlings Ricky along with Ella outside to sea. Unexpectedly, a poacher swoops in and ships them off to participate in an amazing aquarium series for tourists in Dubai. The kingpin of this place, Large D that the sea horse, enlists them into his aims for a terrific escape. However, using their new friends Jimbo that the bug-eyed blob fish along with Lulu that the snippy lobster, Annabel the candy Octopus, and also an entire group of penguins, Sammy and also Ray hatch break out aims in their own. That’s when modest Ricky and Ella arrive, chose to break into rescue them. After a number of thrilling adventures and narrow escapes, our personalities go south to match with Shelly, Sammy’s original and just love.