Baba Joon

Yitzhak conducts on the turkey farm his dad built with their own two hands once they emigrated from Iran to Israel. After his son Moti turns seven, Yitzhak instructs him that the transaction, trusting he will last the proud family heritage. However, Moti does not enjoy in the microwave; his fire is still adjusting up junk yard cars and bringing them back again to life. Moti’s mum Sarah attempts to get back together between them both, while his mum compels Yitzhak to choose a strong hand along with his own son. Yitzhak chooses Moti’s refusal to do the job at the turkey barn because of personal rejection. Though he loves his son , he makes it his obligation to inflict your family farm around Moti. The coming of Darius, the employee out of America, puts off a string of events which may undermine the behavioral stability. In no time Yitzhak will learn his son could be just as stubborn as he is. The struggle is inevitable.

Duration: 91 min


IMDb: 6.6