Camp Wedding

After again interior the 80therefore, C AMP Pocumtuck was unquestionably one of many strictest and most-religious summer months camps recognized. It was forced to close its own doors when a young woman was hit by lightning. Earlier than it had been the case of a Native American massacre. And earlier than this, many different girls are burnt to the stake to be witches. Lately, Mia’s friends in many cases are not overly enthusiastic on remodeling this temperate summer months camp in to the wedding place of the requirements. Mia’s wound somewhat too tight and much of a government freak. Her homosexual BFF gets got the hots for that whole groomsmen along with her maid of honour only wants good phone reception. Worse, she inadvertently despatched an email invitation to her annoying high-school excellent pal whom she’s not seen in years. Yet nothing can prevent Mia from using an ideal marriage service ceremony, perhaps not really when folks begin disappearing in the nighttime, and particularly perhaps when a spirit-possessed Teddy Ruxpin begins telling her to cowl our bodies.

Duration: 97 min


IMDb: 3.1