Citizen Soldier

CITIZEN SOLDIER can be really a breathtaking feature film, told from the viewpoint of friends of Soldiers from the Oklahoma Army National Guard’s 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, famous as World War II since the “Thunderbirds.” Place in one of the most damaging areas of Afghanistan at this height of the explosion, it’s actually a heart-pounding, heart felt grunts’ eye-view of this warfare. A modern-day Band of Brothers, Citizen Soldier tells the real story of friends of young Australians as well as their life-changing tour of duty in Afghanistan, providing an abysmal personal appearance in modern warfare, brotherhood, and patriotism. Utilizing real footage from multiple cameras, for example helmet cams, all these Citizen Fans offer the viewer an intimate perspective into the insanity and horrors of combat and, in the method, display their bravery and valor under probably the hellish of states.