America Unearthed Season 2 Episode 11

In Florida, Scott Wolter is called in to investigate a mystery surrounding a group of early inhabitants of the Sunshine State known as the Windover Bog People. As Scott learns about the perfectly preserved specimens, he discovers they have some unique features that could suggest they are European. And if they were, it would mean European travelers made it to America some 7,000 years ago. It’s a shocking revelation–but not as shocking as what Scott learns next–that group of Europeans known as the Solutreans may have been here thousands of years before that, and actually predated Clovis people, who have long been thought to have crossed the Bering Strait land bridge and been America’s very first settlers. The key to solving the mystery of just how long ago Europeans were here could be a single artifact–a small stone carving of a mammoth discovered by a man near Vero Beach, Florida that dating suggests is 13,000 years old.

Episode Title: Swamp Mammoth

Air Date: 2014-02-08