America Unearthed Season 3 Episode 11

Scott Wolter does not believe in Bigfoot–but he sure hears about it a lot. That’s because the earliest Bigfoot sightings were supposedly recorded in–guess what? Rocks. Bigfoot sightings are pervasive along the West coast, but lately, reports of the big beast have started popping up in Minnesota–his home state–and he heads to investigate. Entering into the investigation as a skeptic–which is not a role we often see Scott in–he decides to tackle the question of whether Bigfoot is real. He goes in search of proof, checking out rock paintings of Bigfoot in California and even traveling to Nepal where he meets with a Sherpa who tells him he’s seen the Yeti, an Asiatic “cousin” of Bigfoot that still roams the Himalayas, with his own eyes. So in the end, will Scott become a believer?

Episode Title: Tracking Bigfoot

Air Date: 2015-01-17