Half Past Dead 2

Extended time inmate Twitch (Kurupt) has himself transferred to a more demanding prison compared to the overburdened Alcatraz. He asserts it will be nearer to his own lady but his real motivations are somewhat more grandiose. There he crosses paths with Burke (Bill Goldberg) a winged prisoner who is able to look after himself. Twitch, even though being muscular, is in the same way mouthy and can be virtually exactly the exact same. However there’s just a gang war brewing between the black and hispanic offenders that explodes to a hostile take over of this prison once the black’s group boss has been shot dead as well as the finger points in Burke. However, the sh!t strikes the fan once the true killer and pioneer of this hispanics, Cortez (Robert Madrid) chooses Twitch’s girl friend and Burke’s daughter hostage.

Duration: 92 min


IMDb: 4.4