Hunting the Phantom

The actions of this narrative begins in the close future. The wonderful apparatus code named as the “Phantom” is devised by the worldwide Safety Corporation so as to remove the offense and also to set a stable international community. However, it’s perhaps not the way it is really. The opposite side of the “Phantom” will be always to establish a complete control over people’s heads. The organization intends to improve the class of the history, by obtaining the network of obedient “puppets”, who’d never recognize their heads have been commanded. Detail by detail, the “Phantom” fractures people’s lifestyles, but nothing supposes, before it destroys the lifestyles of inlove bunch – Timur and Keira. She’s convicted of murder, and also he wants to violate the law to rescue . A British criminal hacker termed Zach helps Timur to get the accuracy, and also to find the Corporation’s conspiracy.