Murder on Spec

Kate Graham believed to possess a perfect union, but afterwards not touching her months her husband Duke Fairbanks, that had a affair with her friend Diana Coles, demands a divorce. She waves that the prenuptial-fixed amount of almost a thousand dollars, which he lets her have your home temporarily while he resides on the yacht; his corpse is located there soon afterwards. An unidentified guy who maintains he murdered Duke ‘on her behalf’ requirements 10% of the spouse. If her homosexual friend is detained, without bond, she requests her lawyer to shield him. The killer requests her to own dinner, shakes the Seattle PD detective Paul Tannon, demonstrates he knows her preferences, explains how he put Jim upward and doubles his own paychecks 20% currently she’s got two lifetimes to cover off. The anonymous killer is really a tax officer called Mathis…

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 5.1