Paradise in Service

Place in the island Kinmen, usually regarded as the very dangerous military base since it’s dangerously near China, “Paradise in Service” follows the action of a boy that serves his own military service in Unit 831 from 1969 into 1972, in prep for a war which could erupt everywhere. Throughout an unfortunate lottery draw effect, Pa O, a teenaged man in Southern Taiwan must function the military in the remote and dangerous Kinmen. Furthermore, he’s delegated to the ocean Dragon (ARB), a unit known for its roughest physiological training. It occurs to Pa-O, however, that the best challenge in his military service is determined perhaps not in the ocean drag on however in Unit 831, a distinctive endeavor he could be appointed to… During this odd mission, Pa-O promises to maintain his virginity against odds.

Duration: 133 min


IMDb: 6.7