Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues

Red Sonja, the shedevil using a Sword, plans to cover off a blood debt owed to the 1 person who has attained her esteem, even when this means contributing a doomed army with their certain deaths! Who’s Dark Annisia, and also has this grotesque warrior realized that which neither god nor demon has managed to accomplish: induce Sonja for her knees in concede? An epic story of blood, bliss, and vengeance, “Queen of Plagues” chooses Red Sonja from the depths of her very own tomb to the peaks of combat glory. By Gail Simone (“Bat Girl”, “Birds of Prey”) along with Walter Geovani (“Vampirella”, “Witchblade”), “Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues” provides the iconic dream heroine a brand new attitude! And you can easily see it brought alive in this animated comedian , starring Misty Lee (“Ultimate spiderman”)!

Duration: 74 min


IMDb: 3.5