The Punk Voyage

Back in December 2016 an extraordinary chapter in music history has been shut whilst the Finnish punkrock group Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) retired. Punk Voyage is just a feature length documentary film about the final years of this group, including all of the good and the bad included. After becoming actors in Finland, this unbelievable quartet continued to conquer fresh fans across the universe. In the seven years streak PKN played not exactly 300 gigs in 16 countries. Back in 2015 the group has been made to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest, where they played to over 100 million tv audiences. Nevertheless, the busy journey and achievement created a great deal of tension over the group: Kari fought against all the temptations and obligations due to promotion; Sami expanded his land to faith and politics; Toni’s and the group’s roadie Niila’s crush into the same girl led battles; along with Pertti, sick and tired with the, chose to retire.